Euro Benceno Argentine Polo Stallion

Why Breed?

  • Do you have a favourite mare who is retiring? Don’t wait too long and you can have a foal to continue her line.
  • If you have a competition mare who you don’t want to be out of work for a year and a half, have you conceded using a surrogate? We can inseminate your mare and transfer the embryo to a surrogate to carry the pregnancy to term. We have had polo ponies return to play the Gold Cup after loosing only two weeks of work to embryo donation.

Which Stallion?

  • Standing at Stonehurst Stud is Euro Benceno. His foal’s area now playing and they have proved easy to handle and train.
  • Euro Benceno covers mares in-hand, or we can collect and transport semen for AI for nationwide use, or just so your mare doesn’t need to leave home.